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Direct Vent Product Group

Sure-Seal Direct Vent

Model - DV
Direct Vent Gas Systems are tested, listed, and comply with the applicable requirements of ANSI Z21.88/CSA 2.33, “Standard For Gas Fireplace Heaters,” and UL 2112, “Standard For Venting Systems For Use With Gas-Fired Direct Vent Appliances”.
DV Group

Sure-Seal Direct Vent

Double Wall Direct Vent
Direct vent systems are balanced pressure systems acquiring intake air from outside the dwelling while exhausting combustion gases through the sealed flue.  UL 2112 tested and listed, Metal-Fab Direct Vent products are designed for safety, strength and reliability, generating a product that lasts a lifetime.  Precision design and construction of the 430 stainless steel flue eliminate the need for gaskets and reduce leaks, enhancing product dependability and safety.  Our innovative male to female slip connection design with flared female connections yield a product that is easy to install, reducing cost and installation time.
Designed for use only with Direct-Vented gas-fired appliances that comply with “ANSI Z21” Standards.
International Building Code
UL 2112
Flue Material Specifications:
    4" & 5"/.012, 430 stainless steel

Casing Material Specifications:
    4" & 5"/.018, galvanized steel
4" & 5"
Clearances & Maximum Vent Lengths
Refer to appliance manufacturer for installation specifications
Sure-Seal Direct Vent Approvals

Direct Vent Approvals


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