Direct Vent

Direct Vent: flags Approved for use in the USA and Canada.

Direct Vent Metal-Fab Direct Vent Chimney offers the same high quality, attention to detail, and superior performance as our other vent products:
  • Stainless steel inner flue, superior to aluminum for high heat applications.
  • Size - 4X6 and 5X8 available.
  • Unitized construction eliminates field assembly of inner flue and casing.
  • Twist connections with SureLock provide quick, positive, fastener-free installation on 4X6 components.
  • Precision pipe and fittings have been engineered for optimum appliance performance in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Field-applied sealant is not required.
  • Laboratory tested and listed with each appliance.
  • Wind, rain, and thermal performance-tested for safer, dependable operation.
  • Black and galvanized casings available.
  • All elbows swivel for easy alignment of system components.
  • Single multi-adjustable length.
  • 1 - 2 day shipping, 100% order fill (painted black direct vent orders ship in 5 days).