Fire Dampers/Ceiling Radiation Dampers

Fire Dampers/Ceiling Radiation Dampers: flags Approved for use in the USA and Canada.

imagetext Fire Dampers are typically intended to be used as part of the HVAC duct system when passing through a fire rated barrier (walls, partitions, floors). The trigger mechanism is a heat fusible link that when activated, impedes the migration of high temperatures into and through the duct system.

Metal-Fab manufactures two categories of fire dampers: The first are static fire dampers, which close when the HVAC system blower is not running. The second are dynamic fire dampers, which close while the HVAC system blower is running.

Metal-Fab fire dampers are classified to UL standard 555 and carry either a 1.5 hour rating or a 3 hour fire rating.

Metal-Fab's ceiling radiation dampers are installed in the throat of a ceiling diffuser or return grille. They are required where a suspended ceiling is part of a fire rating for the floor or roof above the suspended ceiling. The trigger mechanism to activate this device is a heat sensitive, fusible link. Metal-Fab ceiling radiation dampers are classified to UL standard 555C and carry a 3-4 hour rating.

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