Temp Guard Chimney

Temp Guard® 2100° Chimney: flags Approved for use in the USA and Canada.

Temp Guard® 2100° Chimney

Metal-Fab's Temp Guard® chimney is intended for use on residential and building heating appliances burning wood, oil, coal, or gas. Temp Guard® is tested and listed to UL standard 103HT. The maximum continuous operating temperature for this product is 1000º F.

Metal-Fab's Temp Guard® design incorporates features that make installation quicker, easier, and safer. Some of the features are:

  • Ceramic fiber insulation that provides even distribution of flue gas temperature.
  • Light weight pipe that is 1/2 the weight of packed pipe.
  • Positive twist lock for easy assembly.

A special feature from Metal-Fab is our product offering with either stainless steel or galvanized outer casing. Save money by using galvanized outer casing when the installation is inside a chase or inside the envelope of the home or building. Choose stainless steel outer casing when the installation is not in a chase or is exposed outside the home or building. For oil or coal burning appliances, ALWAYS use stainless steel outside the envelope of the building.

Be sure to ask about our pre-packaged chimney kits. Save time and eliminate errors when selecting components for vertical or through the wall installations.